ABOUT MAKEUPS POLICY: Only by notifying Lolo within, at least, 4 hours before class start.

If you forget to mention it , (unless outstanding circumstances) unfortunately no makeups or refunds will be allow. We need commitment and respect from every part of the group. (If you want to be able to have a makeup for a missed class please keep this in mind. (Also: Two makeups allow per each 12 classes-PACK 

CANCELLATION POLICY: RockNLolo reserved the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment (less than 7 kids per group)

In that case, notifications to parents will be made 2 business days prior to the start of the class. Full refunds or credits will be given if  RocknLolo needs to cancels a class due to low enrollment.

ABOUT DROP INS: RockNLolo's program was created to teach more than spanish through music. In order to develop concepts, rituals, rules, discipline, good manners and motor skills among many other things, we will be working through a fun but also challenging activities through repetitions. That's why will always works better with a committed group.

Ideally as more consistent the group is, more development we will see in shorter time. Saying this, only as long as there are less than 10 kids per group, Lolo will allow drop ins for the day.

For entertainment, shows or open classes, Drop ins will be welcome. You can check the "schedule/location" Botton, where you will which groups  accept  "drop ins" easy to identify by a little DROP ICON. 

ABOUT BIRTHDAYS: Lolo brings full energetic vibes and professionally quality music for everyone (not only kids) Yeap...birthdays are also an important celebrations for the parents. 

Pretty similar than classes, the shows are more focus in the "entertainment" part of RocknLolo. Bilingual songs that everyone will enjoy and understand no mater if knowledge spanish or not. 

Requested songs with enough time (at least two weeks before the show) can be discuss. with a huge Exception of  Baby shark. Not even ask!! Sorry not sorry ;)

An advance $100 deposit will be requiered without exception to reserve the date and in case of last minute cancelation. (the rest of the payment would have to be complete after the whole Celebration is done, not the show. meaning once you are happy and exhausted ion your bed) 

There is a lot of demands for private events, so humble suggestion: reserve the date in advance.

No limit of kids for private shows, (but an additional $ will be added for more than 20 kids,  for extra promps, PA and Uber transportation.

ABOUT LEVEL OF SPANISH REQUIERED?: There is non level of spanish required to start. 

Each kid will develop the language in their own time. Kids will be exposed equally, but Lolo will challenge individually whenever children begin to show improvements. That's why RocknLolo only works with 10 children per group. to be able to focus on each little one. Recognize skills or difficulties and work on them.

ABOUT IDEALLY AGE TO START? As is never is to late to learn, same way,  never is too early to start.

Saying this In my experience, 7 Months is Ideal to committee for a  weekly class.  Kids are so smart, they have their chip ready to absorb it all. Of course they will need time to  put it out. So breath deep and be patient, because once they start showing off, they will non stop. 

Of course we can not except same reactions or answers in babies than in toddlers. But is a fact that as earlier they are exposure, easier and faster the development will be. That's why, I encourage Tiny babies (new born to 6 months) to come and listen for free. (as long as there is enough place depending the location) For a special only dedicated focus in little tiny babies group, registration will be requiered. (but thats another Storie)


WHICH ONE IS THE OLDEST ROCKNLOLO'S AGE RANGE GROUP POSSIBLE? For private groups, from 4 years to 6 years old works amazingly. In this age, groups of minimum 5 to 8 kids maximum , one hour and a half without parents. once or twice a week.

Minimum 12 weeks commitment, STORIES, disscutions and improvisation are another important part of this groups, apart of the Music.