Welcome to Rock'n'Lolo (Spanish Music program) "where kids learn Spanish through original music, in a loving, energetic and personalized atmosphere"

This beautiful experience is 45 minutes long, full of singing and dancing while learning Spanish and most importantly, having fun!

The classes are intended for Babies up to 4 years old, with Mom or Daddy.

This program will be helping to build your child's confidence, self-control, and early Spanish skills through repetitions, and "cool original and engaging RocknLolo's melodies"

Each lesson was designed to provide kids with a rich set of activities and material to keep little ones focus and motivate during the whole process through a smart, cool and authentic program. 


"...You ll be giving your child the most powerful tool for their future, to be able to connect and express themselves in this world, educating them not only with a new language, but also with values and good manners, inspiring them to open their minds and hearts, to respect differences and to open doors"


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