Due to Corona Virus & Lolo's Maternity

some things changed


There is "no longer registration" to participate in RocknLolo's classes anymore.

You can just arrive & participate without notice. 

Everyone is welcome as long as they respect the Covid rules. 

(Saying this we still highly recommend commitment coming weekly to take advantage of what this class really offers) 


  • Proper use of Masks (KN95, N95.) are a MUST for every grown-up that comes to the shows (without exception) 

  • Proof of vaccination for every grown-up that comes to the shows for first time. 

  • Not feeling ok? So please do NOT show up. If either your caregiver, your child or yourself are not feeling good, do not expose others. Let's be conscious,respectful and take care of each other.

  • Lolo reserves the right to send you back home if notices any of the "Covid rules" aren't being respected. Please do not take this personal.

  • Hands sanitize kids and your own hands before and after class.

  • We will avoid sharing materials that can go in little ones mouth. If your baby need too, you can ring your own instruments! Lolo will share hers, but in that case each caregiver is responsible to clean up right after use it. 

  • Drop ins welcomeAdults are encouraged to participate, have fun and play to help children learn.

We do this show together!