Private Groups

Host a Rock'n'Lolo group at your home is so easy*. 

You just need:


To be 10 kids

 + their parents (ideally ) or caregivers, ready to participate and have fun.


Committed same day/time for 12 consecutives weeks.


A safe, clean and cozy space.

Spacious enough to host 10 monsters and their respective caregivers.

 *Organize your group with enough time! This way you will have more chance to choose your convenient day/time.

Why to choose RocknLolo private group at home?!

Because IF you organize it (meaning: IF you host and IF you bring the other 9 friends, (not Lolo) then you get the class for Free!

Because you choose your own friends (sharing a beautiful quality experience with people you already love, those who you already feel comfortable with)

Because Lolo comes to you. (you decide which day/time is convenient for everyone without moving from home.) * * * Youtube.comRockNLoloKids *



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